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As you know, I post things that make me laugh, or make me think, and appearance here does not necessarily indicate agreement.

Editing the red hat

This was too droll to pass up, given Donald J. Trump’s appearance in a New York courtroom. As you may know, in the past he often suggested anyone taking the 5th must be guilty. He now has changed his mind, something he rarely does.

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  1. Well, if that ain’t The Dumb Man whose pot is calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is! A great find, Stu.

  2. Logical consistency has never been the hallmark of this guy’s rhetoric versus his behavior.

    1. Wanda – you are presuming here that the man was capable of any real logic to begin with.

      1. Randy, you nailed it. Trump is all about himself. He will do and say anything, no matter how illogical if he ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶s̶ assumes it will make him sound believable and/or make him look good.

  3. I t’s deja vu all over again! I keep thinking about how similar this is to the story that led to
    the Philadelphia Daily News’ most famous/infamous headline “RIZZO LIED”.

  4. At this point, anyone who supports this idiot has got to be an idiot themselves. There is no other rational explanation.

    1. Freeze, I am sure that are a lot of those idiots are out there and, unfortunately, will always be there. They will continue to make up excuses and lies to try to protect Trump.

      While it probably will not happen I would love to see that orange-skinned SOB in habdcuffs and being arrested.

    2. There is an explanation. You will not find it rational.
      Like the Tea Party before it, the Trumpsters are disagfected by what they see as the destruction of a nation they love. They will take Trump not because they love Trump (although many do) but because they see the typical Democrat as someone obsessed with identity politics and caring more about pronouns than people.
      A directive from the national Democrats recently made that very point, underscored by thenRaging Cajun and even Michael Moore.
      Reporter Selena Zito long ago brilliantly figured it out. She said MSM takes Trump literally, not seriously, while his supporters take him seriously, but not literally. So they don’t care that he lies.
      I am a disaffected Democrat that can hardly recognize the party of FDR, JFK, LBJ. I regard the Squad to be worse for America than Trump. There, I said it. But I am not for Trump, voted against him twice.

      1. Ah! Finally some fresh air to clear the stink. I appreciate what Trump delivered just as Pete Rose has, not the person.

        1. HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
          As usual, well said. Too many people are hung up on the personality of Donald Trump, the man and fail to give credit for the work that he did as President Donald Trump.
          Then again, you would have to admit that for years ALL of the SWAMP has been screwing the people of these United States for decades. Then again, if 50 % of the voting public shows up on election day, you have a record breaking turnout.
          The only time(s) that I missed voting was when I was out of the country.
          take care buddy

    As usual, your timing is spot on. Just as things were going into a lull, the feds turn up the heat and offer new/more diversions as to why the dImocrat party is second rated. I used to think that Manchin was one of the lone dEmocrats left on the hill. For the people all the time. Silly me. Not anymore. ( wonder what ? prompted him to change his vote ? ) Off the top of my head, that leaves Tulsi Gabbard all alone.
    All of you FAR LEFTers are sadly amusing. The 45th President of these United States uncovered the crime and corruption of the swamp, AKA, Washington, D.C.. As he stirred up the crap, he also did some amazing things for the citizens of America. Closing off the southern border was one of the big ones. Trying to bring some sense into the IRS was another. Genuinely looking after our active duty service nen and women while cleaning house at the V.A.. No need to mention the little things, like getting more for your bucks in the stock market, which translates to more buying power in the stores. Gas and fuel. FORGETABOUTIT !
    I won’t waste my time on the hierarchy of the dims. The Pelosi clan, which includes Newsom. Obviously, the bidens.
    Should Donald Trump get back in the White House as #47, he’ll clean house this time. All of those life time bureaucrats in the swamp will be history. Every department will have a new look. Think of it as remodeling your house. Everything goes. New paint, furniture heater, A/C, ……You deserve it.
    Did any of you happy hustlers check out A.F. Branco ? Then go to the Patriots Post and don’t forget the Babylon Bee !

    1. And naming more lobbyists to cabinet-level posts in 4 years than his predecessors did in 8. Steve Mnuchin, hedge fund billionaire for treasury secretary; Louis DeJoy, an unmitigated disaster as Postmaster General;Betsy DeVos of the Amway fortune as Education Secretary wasn’t a fan of public schools. Trump’s cabinet was the worst since Jimmy Carter. And Trump left many vital positions unfilled. Rank incompetency.

      1. Almost forgot, it was your “businesmen” who catered the economy in 2008 and gave us a decade long recession.

      2. HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
        Perspective. After years of mismanagement, President Trump tried to clean up the incompetence of a massive federal government. As he pointed out with the postal service. Inability to move the mail efficiently brought Fed Ex, Parcel Post and then the other smaller private carriers. Then, to stay incompetent, the USPO gives discounted rates to these same competitors to handle their mail. What’s wrong with that picture. That’s just part of the problem in that department. Then you have our ever-loving failing public school system. ‘Leave no child behind’ brought down the system even deeper. Let’s not forget the teachers’ unions. I personally think that the biggest disgrace is leaving the large number of students to wither and flounder in the system while you save a handful in the charter schools. Rhetorically speaking, why can’t we save all of the students all of the time ?
        No need to go further. You have your closed mind and I have my opinion.

      3. Keith, all of those you mentioned, and others put in place by the orange-skinned SOB (trump) were just there to help him. Neither he nor people he hired gave a damn about the public.

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